Capitol Police Seeking Arrest Warrant for Congresswoman – New York Times

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Capitol Police Seeking Arrest Warrant for Congresswoman – New York Times

Racial Profiling And – Before I even comment on the Cynthia McKinney incident I would like to comment on that peculiar place the National Mall in Washington D.C. where lies the Capital, the White House, the Washington Monument etc. The most obvious thing about these areas are that they are lily white. How may I ask you does this happen when within walking distance the areas are solid black. When I visited the National Mall several years ago I parked at the Health and Human Services Building and my children and I took the train one stop down to the National Mall where I admit I felt extremely self conscious as an African American. When I entered the exhibits I was leery of being over checked which I was not the police at the check point were surprisingly kind. As I moved through the various buildings the thing that kept coming through my mind at the museum of natural history beside the large dinosaur bones, through the American History museum, and through the different layers of the museums was I and my children were the only black people around. This was a very astounding and uncomfortable feeling for me considering the one thing the South does well is diversity in public places. The National Mall does not do it well. Believe it or not the most uncomfortable feeling of the day came from the black cafeteria workers in the lunch area of the museum who looked at us like what the “hell: were we doing there. Randall Robinson has written about the peculiar situation of the mall currently and historically in one of his books that I read years ago. I suppose the question are blacks just not interested in going to the museums of D.C. or are they just not trained to go there because they may face an incident where their reputations are destroyed where their criminal background checks don’t check out and where the whole incident reaches oversize consequences where they must make a life. I personally believe that their are people on the mall who specialize in doing these things. To trajectory back to Cynthia McKinney I think Cynthia received the Black Person special – treatment reserved to let blacks know not to come to the Mall. Treatment that is given to initiate a trained response and frankly whatever response is initiated from the party is exaggerated meaning a small offense is turned into a criminal offense. Though I want to continue about my musings concerning the lily whiteness of the mall, I must continue with the charges against Cynthia McKinney at this point “the black person special victim” at this point they are considering issuing an arrest warrant against Cynthia McKinney however their is no threshold established to me personally for why, does the capital policeman have bruises, is something broken, in other words are their any physical defects created by Cynthia if hers cell phone hit the policeman. In other words can this incident be characterized as a really valid incident where injuries exist or is it an incident trumped up and planned to discredit Cynthia McKinney. I am inclined to think Cynthia was set up someone knew her temperament and her character profile and set her up.

Back to the Mall – I know for a fact that many have sought to have the African American division of the Smithsonian museum placed on the Mall, however it has not happened for decades. The African American arm of the Smithsonian resides in an all blacks neighborhood of D.C. called Anacostia. While some argue that this makes it convenient to black residents the reality as stated earlier is there are plenty of black people within walking distance of the mall to visit an African American Mall. I suppose ultimately what must be said is that there are plenty of international visitors who come to the mall who are interested in African American History not just civil rights history but African American culture but for years this museum has been kept off the mall. I would like to add that under the persistence of Georgia representative John Lewis, a civil rights museum will be added to the mall as well as a Martin Luther King Junior Monument. I hope that when these structures are built that visitors are not treated to the “black person special” .

My own experience with metro D.C. police – As I was coming from a conference I accidentally got on the wrong train, a train where I was the only minority, there were no blacks, no Indians, no Hispanics, Asians, no ethnic groups only whites. I started out with one black woman but she eventually got off. As the train kept going I kept thinking I thought Springfield,Virginia my destination had more diversity then this. Finally I got off the train because I finally figured out that this train could not be taking me where I wanted to go. As I got off the train I asked the first person I saw for directions obviously a white person and as they were giving me directions a transportation policeman came and stood directly behind me and said may I help you. The person giving me directions answered for me and said no I’m giving her directions but I knew that the stand behind was a warning that I was out of my area. The police officer walked on I got on the train and did get on the right train, a train full of Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians.

Quick Thought – when the policeman reached out and tried to stop Representative McKinney, did he plan
to push her down since he grabbed her if she kept on walking, What force was used against Ms. McKinney.

tomorrow – I will try to blog on how this affects Cynthia’ reelection chances. I think she was set up but most blacks people know we must exceed the criteria, if you are supposed to wear a badge, wear it, if you know you don’t have your badge stop even if you know its racists. This district could not have become as President Clinton said the wealthiest black district in the country by knocking folks out. Cynthia as one of your constituents it is my opinion that you should wear your badge from know on even if you were set up, follow the written policies not the informal policies. When I used to go the Farmers Market and the workers there used to give white customers their pastries in their hands and allow them to walk to the cashier and pay for them and place my pastry at the cashier for my pick up. I did not knock the person doing this out, but I complained and others must have complained too, because now everyone’s goods are taken to the cashier until they are paid for. Cynthia you are a policy-maker. You should have lobbied that all members be required to wear the badge and if not they should have to show ID. The policy should be enforced for everyone. I am very disappointed that are law makers are not following policies in a post 911 America.


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