blackhippychick : Mexican leader urges Canada to open doors to ‘guest workers’

In Uncategorized on March 30, 2006 at 9:02 am : Mexican leader urges Canada to open doors to ‘guest workers’

It is disturbing to me that the leaders of Mexico are determined to see the future of Mexico as providing laborers for North America and beyond. China and India are very large countries and there is so much optimism in terms of what is possible, in terms of what can be done and what will be done. It is getting pretty obvious that there is a visionary problem in Mexico in terms of what can happen and be done. Fox is convinced that the innate capability of a large number of human beings in his country is to be low wage laborers. This thinking should be criminalized. The United States is doing whatever is possible to expand the vision of what is possible for everyone. I was just reading an article about a class at UCLA that encouraged Hispanics to go into the screenwriting profession. This was a wonderful example of the possibitilites. However as long as we have a country that believes that it can only provide law wage labor to the United States, we have serious problems. Leave the grape picking to automation and encourage dreams in the country next door.

Trust me from what I’ve read Canada is a country that encourages the best from anyone and everyone that comes there. The rigid class system and econmic system that is in the United States is not there. Canada is not going to set up barriers for qualified individuals becuase they don’t want a black or hispanic to make a decent salary. They actively encourage the challenged to go into high paying professions. Mr. Fox, honestly may want to cosnult with Canand in terms of implementing social programs that work in the country of Mexico,


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