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Historically there have always been people against immigration.  They were against the immigration of Asians, the Polish, the Irish, etc.  The United States however has always been able to absorb white Europeans and tolerate others.  As a reminder to some the majority of African Americans were brought here as slaves and thus have a stake in this country that many do not understand, we unlike others did not willingly come here and a lot of the measures put into place that others feel entitled to were put there to make up for slavery, and for the laws that existed against blacks and women.  I suppose I am thus attempting to define the difference between diversity and affirmative action.

In any event I think what we in the United States must analyze is can the United States afford to absorb a whole country and still function as the United States.  After brief thought I think that the United States could absorb a whole country successfully and benefit from it.  However, I don’t think the United States can absorb a whole country of illegal immigrants working underneath the table for half of minimum wage.  Despite what some would have us believe there are workers in the United States willing to clean toilets, and cook food all day for minimum wage.  There probably are not many citizens of the United States willing to do it for three dollars an hour though.

This issue of illegal immigration could not come at a worst time in the history of the United States.  The United States due to high technology is facing a crisis in all sectors.  Pundits are saying not only will their not be jobs for blue collar workers but white collar workers are facing some pretty strong challenges also.  This is not new, the pundits have said this for years.  They have said that increasingly that the economic survival of many individuals will be linked to the service sector retail, construction, etc.  In other words saying that some who are not trained to do things that they re not used to, will have to do them to survive.  It is  a fact technology has increased the productivity of companies and corporations so greatly that whole sectors of jobs have been or will be wiped out.  What does that leave us with?  

It leaves us with an economy where illegal immigrants are working for half price and underneath the table.  This is not good for the United States.  This is not sound economic policy to allow this to continue.  If the democrats don’t recognize this they will not win a presidential election next term and may lose some seats in the upcoming election.  It is increasingly looking like democrats have been pawned again because this is an issue that will lose them votes; for African Americans and European Americans are increasingly beginning to voice their concerns about not being able to get minimum wage jobs in all service sectors or be paid what they should be paid in the construction industry.  

Finally I think the United States can absorb workers, but legally.  Let them come, but don’t let them undercut the individuals who are legal citizens.  For the bottom line is they are here, because where they are from, resources are scarce.  


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