Da Wiz Report : Pray for the Women of Atlanta

In Uncategorized on March 26, 2006 at 10:26 pm

Da Wiz Report : Pray for the Women of Atlanta

This post about Atlanta is so accurate and so funny. It describes women in Atlanta and their strange reaction to men. Unfortunately what is so easily gotten is very easily lost. The type of men being described here or frankly the type of men that nobody should want. However I do warn those women thinking of moving to Atlanta who are married, if they are fat lose weight cause the women ofthe south are ready for them.

Finally I don’t believe the reactions of women in Atlanta to men is just an Atlanta thing this is a deep south thing. These women have been replicating this behavior for centuries since black slave men farther north were ripped away from their slave families and plucked down here to pick cootton. They know how to make men forget and they teach it to others after they have been down here for a while.

Finally if these men are fallling for this ultimately the problem may be that there is a values void in the city we live in whereas in other places family and community is valued, money and status has replaced it. And still so remember that SAT scores are ranked fifty in the south so remember that certain people don’t think with their minds but with their loins. ***not checked for spelling grammer or punctuation


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