We have places for every aspect of our lives

In Uncategorized on October 25, 2005 at 10:11 am

In life we have places for every aspect of our lives. We have a space for our work life, a space for our family life, a space for our intimate life. In the past I had had some sort of trust violated in all aspects of these areas except work until I did work for JAMU. While my immediate family had never violated me, my extended family had. The presence of two children where child support has just started to be paid and only comes in once every three months and at this point may not ever come in after changes in the structure of how men pay in Georgia have come about attest to my lack of success in relationships. And since my blog is my catharsis let me speak towards one of those relationships.

I had asked the noncustodial parent not to allow my son to ride on the highway and that my son had started to pretend like he was a drunk after visits to his house and when my son came over could he try to observe him a little more. Instead of saying okay cool. He started to demonstrate a really negative attitude towards me. Now this is the man who has four children and all of them have different mothers. He started to say he was different then me, he led a different lifestyle then me and was really awful towards me. I told him well you owe me an apology for not supporting your child for years and actually using me I was twenty he was forty. I found a place for him to stay , drove him to interviews, etc. To my expense of eventually dropping oput of college pregnant. At which point he left and never supported me or my child. All of these years I thought he was in California he was fifteen minutes away. I had not mentioned any of this until he started to get mad and call me names because I asked him not to allow my child to ride on a major street and to please control his exposures regarding drinking. At that point I told him he owed me an apology and he said he would never apologize. At some point I spoke to his wife and he had married the woman I had given him an ultimatum to stop seeing or I never wanted to see him again. I had actually ended the relationship and he slept outside of my door pleading with me to get back with him. Anyway he ended up marrying her and had never stopped seeing her. So I eventually brought up the topic that while I was in school he had used my car to go see this woman, at the point that I brought this up, I was on the speaker phone with the two and they both laughed at the fact that he used my car while I was in school to go and see this woman. This will always be with me that I could be used so badly and not be apologized too. His wife said he’ll never apologize to you and he does not have too, all women have had bad relationships etc. All men treat women badly at some point. When she said this I made the decision that these people were enot appropriate role models for my son and really did not want then around him anymore because I try in my very being to teach my son to respect women, not to use them, and to be good to them. I do not want my child to be taught it is appropriate to use women.

Anyway maybe I am on a tangent, but I would like to add that we all have spaces. I can honestly say that up to the point of doing work for JAMU my work space had never been violated. I had done work for small business owners who were in the process of getting evicted from their houses but they all paid me and their credentials were woefully less then JAMU’s. I know that he has listed or read the book rich dad poor dad. I think that he thinks the book gives him permission to find gullible people to go and work for him and for them not to be paid. At the same time that JAMU had not paid me there was someone on craigs list going around getting people to do work on websites and not paying them I think that he was this person.


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