Forgot to tell JAM did send me a check for fifty dollars that he said not to cash

In Uncategorized on October 25, 2005 at 5:58 pm

JAMU sent a check to me for fifty dollars I took it to the bank to try to cash it and because it appeared to be a counter check the bank would not let it be deposited. I called to tell him this and he said a church member would bring me the money on Saturday. This never happened. On Monday of the following week I told him I would take it to his bank he said that he had gone away for the weekend and there was no money in the account and not to cash the check but to tear it up and he would send cash through the mail. He never did this. This was in early summer. I am very disappointed that I have not been paid. I have watched James spend over a hundred dollars at a store front sushi bar. I have watched him spend over 100 dollars in liquor drinks until he’s tipsy. James has the money but he refuses to pay.

He did not pay his cousin either when I asked him why his cousin had not been paid for a quarters worth of editing she had done he said the dotcom business he had worked for had gone out of business and they had not paid her. I asked him well did you get paid and he said yes. His justification for not paying is that dot com businesses he has worked for have gone out of business and not paid him so its cyclical and you have to deal with it. I have spoken to several people who have worked for dot com businesses that have gone out of business and they said that they were always paid.


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