An FBI Story

In Uncategorized on October 10, 2005 at 7:44 am

Several years ago I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about a man who literally had his life destroyed by the FBI. It was about a man who was suing the Federal government for various reasons defamation of character, conspiracy, and some other charges. The case of this man was that the FBI was actively going around and saying things that were not true about him to the point of destroying his multi million dollar business. They would do such things as call the bank and tell them they suspected him of some crime and would the bank say certain things to him for them. They contacted all of his business colleagues and explained to them that they were investigating him and would they say the things they were told to say by the FBI. All of these entities and people agreed to play by the rules of the FBI. Unfortunates the FBI did take him to court but he was found not guilty of whatever charges they were charging him with. However his business was in shambles and he could not regroup, most likely mentally and emotionally also because all of the time that he was going about his business thinking that he was doing the best that he could do to bring himself forward the FBI had infiltrated his life and he probably felt that he could trust no one.

I have had a brush with the FBI. While a student at Fisk University my book bag was stolen from me as I rode the bus to class. It was not hard to figure out who did it because the bus had not stopped since I had last looked at my bag so when it stopped at the final destination the center of Nashville, I did not see anyone with my book bag. I did see a tall dirty blonde man with a duffel bag that appeared to be about my height, I am 5’3 to give you an idea of how big this bag was. The strange thing is his bag was so big and he was so tall I had noted where he had gotten on at. Anyway as I saw him walk off the bus I figured my book bag had found it’s way into his tall duffel bag at this point I don’t remember how I could have let this happen but I did. Anyway at least a month or two went by and I heard on my message center that the FBI had called me evidently my belongings had been found with this man’s things or in his foot locker. I was able to describe him verbatim and also knew where he had gotten on the bus, since I was flying to Atlanta in two weeks for good I suppose I never heard anything else from the FBI agent. However I often wonder after reading the FBI article if the FBI is ever behind my back spreading nasty rumors about me too. Not likely but a little bit of skepticism is healthy. Especially since I am about to embark on a job hunt and I hope the FBI is not following me around trying to prevent me from being able to support my family like they were evidently trying to do to this man. I often wonder if the taking of my bookbag was just an excuse to briefly investigate me, I don’t know.

I do know that rumors abound about me. Either there are people who really dislike me to the point of obsession and stalking or something or something very strange is going on in my life.


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