Why I Initially Decided to do a Workshop with my Sons Class

In Uncategorized on October 6, 2005 at 4:06 am

Another reason I decided to give a blogging workshop to the students is because I had grave concerns about what was going on in the classroom.  My son would come home to me with all of these horror stories.  He was saying he  was getting beat in the head and I just brushed him off until he got a haircut and he had multiple contusions on his head which the emergency room verified as contusions.  Yesterday he said someone brought a firecracker into the room and he claimed that the teacher blamed him initially because someone said that the boy who looked like the chipmunk did it   All of these events before I volunteered to do the blogging activity and after I volunteered to do the blogging activity with the children led me to believe that it was necessary that I see what type of environment my son was in.

I am extremely shy and going to talk to a bunch of anyone is not my cup of tea.   When I discussed my concerns with my mother regarding my son and this new school she had suggested to me that I just go to the class everyday and just stay there until I could figure out what was going on.  Personally I felt that would have been a little intrusive to just walk into someone’s class and stay there all day so I suggested a blogging workshop, a serious blog for recording most especially the students progress on their social studies projects.  This was something that I thought would beneficial and useful to the children as well as give me an opportunity to figure out what was going on in my sons class.  I suppose I’m going to have to do what my mother told me to do and just go over there and sit in the class for several periods.   I don’t like this, I am from the error where teams of people would come into the classroom and observe my teachers, and my mother is from the error where she taught in that environment.  As a child the strange people in the class, even one, always felt weird to me.  I wanted to do something where I would not just be someone sitting down watching the class.  


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