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Every time I do something it seems not to work out. The kids at my son’s school according to him are so mean and out of control. In order to do something to try to smooth the way for him at what I thought was a magnet school I was sending him to but which turned out to be a place where children are constantly beating up on each other and the principal wants to say that the children who identify the behavior are lying and let the behavior continue, this is one of those schools where it is advised that children carry clear book bags. I was tricked by the school system into thinking that this was a computer magnet and what it was was an attempt to make a bad school good. My daughter also attends a magnet and her magnet is right on target she takes special classes related to the arts. In this school all of his specials are what they would be in a normal school, there are no computer literacy classes, beginning programming classes etc. that you would expect a computer magnet to have. As I said I feel as if I was tricked, unfortunately it did not and has not worked out. To add aggravation to injury the principal has hired an inordianate amount of teachers with dreadloacks, I can understand the principal with dreadlocks but a whole school full of dreadlocked individuals sends the wrong message to me. I am not discriminating, my sons doctor has dreadlocks and he is a wonderful doctor, but a whole school full of dreadlocks makes me think they are smoking weed in the bathrooms or the reason the schools is so out of control is becuase the principal is a drug addict.

Well anyway I spoke to the teacher about a month and a half ago about giving a blogging workshop to the students and I have worked hard to put it together. Tomorrow was to be the presentation and I received the following email from the teacher:

Dear Ms. Walker, I received the following e-mail from our principal Ms. Clay: “Let’s talk about this, first. Also, we must check with Ms. Fitzgeraldto make sure we can do this…. We want to expose our students to many new techniques, but we must gothrough the proper channels.” When Ms. Clay understood that your workshop involved students going out onthe internet, she became concerned that all the proper permissions and consent forms were in place. She asked me if there was a fee for the Blog,and what kind of protection our student information would have. I did nothave the answer to these questions. She really would like to talk to youbefore the workshop. She also said that we need to check with our building computer specialist as to what the county policy is in this area.She was pleased and happy that you are offering this opportunity to ourstudents. However, she feels responsible and need to know more about whatblogging entails.I know you have put a lot of time and thought into you presentation. Thestudents and I are excited about your visit;but we will need to postpone the class until after you can talk with Ms.Clay and Ms. Fitzgerald (who will be gone until next Tuesday.) Next weekbegins IOWA testing. However, they can be available any afternoon(Tu-Fri), and I could join you if you came at French time (1:15 – 1:45

Here is all the work I did in preparation for tomorrow’s presentation. I have set up eighteen emails and blogs for eighteen students and I have been disregarded like a piece of dirt. I am really upset. I was so sick today I can barely talk but I worked on this presentation for my son all day today. Furthermore he had told all of his classmates that I was coming. This is a slap in the face and shows to me why the behavior of the children is so horrible at that school. I will not discuss doing this ever again. As a matter of fact I think I’m through with volunteer work. The work that I did on this is below. I was going to have the children read about and discuss open source software as well as blog upon a poem by Langston Hughes; Finally they were to blog their Social Studies Projects. At this point I am devastated and a message at 5:09 when I am prepared to do a presentation the next day is not good enough for me. The information I prepared is in a separate post.

I would also like to say that my son walked out of the door he was so upset. I thought he was with a relative they walked out at the same time, but they have come back and said that he was not with him. I have to go find him now, this is an addon to my post so the words written after were already written. Every time my son has a standerdized test something devastating happens to him. This has been devastating to tell his classmates that his mother was going to give a workshop on blogging and to cancel it the day before. Maybe black childrenin challenged neighborhoods as the schoo is in would do better if the adults around him were more responsible.

Here is a blog that I had started to record my links, this list is very small because I just started doing it Saturday however I need to transfer all of my bookmarked links to the blog which I might do tonight .

Finally what does my mother who is an educator say,
Girl they’re going to steal your SHIT, they are going to use it.


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