Conservative Does not Mean Racist

In Uncategorized on October 3, 2005 at 7:34 pm

As I sat watching the PBS special on the sixties, something struck me as very strange. In an attempt to be unbiased PBS had interviewed individuals who had not been supportive of the civil rights movement and women’s rights, such as Pat Buchanan. The most striking and disturbing part of the interviews of these people is that they were referred to as conservatives, or people with more conservative views. Personally I think that lynching of individuals, segregating them, not educating their children, and forcing them to work for pennies a day and burning down individuals’ houses is not conservative. It was and it is criminal.

While the white “conservatives”, some Republicans, are looking back at the pre-civil rights days as the good old days, they were not, and any minister or so called God Fearing man who could look back at the times before desegregation was fully implemented as the good old days are not worshiping Christ or the Christ that is written about in the Bible. Images sometimes speak louder then words and as the days go on I will try to upload pictures from that time to show that these individuals were not “conservative” but were crazy psychotics. Lest we not forget picnics at lynchings.


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