What’s Going On Part II

In Uncategorized on October 2, 2005 at 6:57 pm

Earlier in the week I wrote that I was afraid of what’s coming from the Republican Party and I would like to emphasize that I am. I think what is scary and enlightening is the boldness by which their racist comments are being made. PBS has been running a series on the sixties and the one characteristic of the ardent racists during that time was their lack of care towards how they were viewed by the world and the all seeing eye of the camera. These individuals by using the type of language they used were saying this is the status quo and this is how it should be. In the fifties and the sixties racists would call blacks niggers on TV as much as they could. The agenda of the Republican party is being revealed by the comments of their leaders. Bill Bennett as former Secretary of Education under President Reagan is a leader and his comments towards blacks reveal how blacks are discussed behind close doors by the power elites of the party. It is difficult to think that this is what has been festering in the Republican party since the eighties when Reagan had two terms followed by Senior Bush’s one term and Baby Bush’s two terms. As I am seeing it right now, For twenty-four of the last thirty-two years. Racist have been plotting against minorities. This is sickening and scary.

Finally as for the democrats, don’t you even have enough power to work towards guaranteeing the integrity of voting in the United States? I think we would all agree that one company should not be processing the ballots. Why can’t their be an open source of the presidential election, many from all over the country , even all over the world working to secure the integrity of all elections worldwide. Finally congress can be over ridden by petitions and referendums, why don’t democrats work towards putting issues such as what companies control the electronic machinery for votes or even if they can to a National referendum. At this period in the United States despite what some would lead you to believe Blacks are not the only ones suffering from the policies of the Republican Party. Look at the prices at the pump and it comes to pass that everyone is. One visit to the civil right s museum in Birmingham Alabama and one will see that the impact of jim crow and segregation did not just hurt blacks but poor whites also. Ultimately what we face is an economic battle for the leaders of the Republican Party are not racist but Greedy individuals that are about money and cronyism at their roots. I will not be voting Republican ever again. I am a Nader supporter but in the absence of anything better I might just stay home cause in the final evaluation the Democratic party is about basically the same thing Money and Power and how to obtain it and they are stepping on anyone they can step on also, I suppose.

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