What’s Going On?

In Uncategorized on October 2, 2005 at 10:58 am

I find the characteristics between the obstinate natures of the states that were affected by 911 and Katrina startling as it relates to their voting patterns. Prior to 911 all I seemed to remember hearing is the Republican parties anger that New York Republicans would not be whipped into place and vote for George Bush, they were Republicans but they were not Southern Republicans. I even know one Republican who said he was going to create the Bulls and the Elephant club which essentially meant no bible thumping Republicans allowed. Louisiana, while I have a limited knowledge of their politics obviously chose a democratic governor and if I seem to remember correctly has had a very contentious relationship with the White House concerning it’s goods and tariffs. As for Mississippi, Clinton told whoever ran for President this last period and I honestly can’t think of his name right now, I see a tall guy with grey hair and know he has a crazy wife but his name eludes me, Bill Clinton told him if he wanted to win go to the Mississippi Delta, while the coast is not the Delta, it serves to warn folks who may think of defecting from the party and not delivering the votes that they will pay the cost. Anyway this has been my little foray into conspiracy theory, I wonder how much Bush is profiting from the inordinately high gas prices, but anyway a foray into conspiracy theory that I just had to explore. Hopefully plausible explanations but not true or likely.

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