Things that make you go hmm!

In Uncategorized on October 2, 2005 at 3:07 pm

I am an ardent watcher of Meet the Press with Tim Russert. There was a commercial done during Today’s segment that I feel was quite off the mark. It is some investment companies advertisement about what it does for inner city people. In this segment it has a little girl and her hair just is not groomed very well. I have first hand experience with both types of blacks inner city blacks and middle, upper middle and wealthy blacks and let me tell you from my experience and the way the little girls hair was done the commercial was way off base. As for grooming I still remember my black Freshman college roommate who was from McLean, Virginia. She had never even heard of Pink Oil moisturizer and her hair was the length of my thumb and breaking and brittle and incidentally she used white rain hair spray, but she was well to do. I can never forget the day I went to IHOP and emerged out of the parking lot with a couple hopping out of a Mercedes who’s daughter at about nine had tattered old jeans on and a shirt with hair that appeared not to have been combed in several days; who emerged from the parking lot with an obviously single young mother with a daughter about nine too with hair down to her back with a leopard skin dress on with fur around it with stockings, bows, and boots to match. Dare I mention the time I saw this little boy who’s hair looked like it had not been cut for five years he had a high AFRO and it was not fashion for he looked very nerdy in a very nice neighborhood. Finally I have to say that I am guilty and have been guilty in the past of trying to find braiders in bad neighborhoods to braid my hair for 25 – 50 dollars becuase the women have amazing skills in beauty and don’t charge much. They know how to perm hair like the pros and may never have seen a cosmotology school. This commercial was definitely done by someone unaware of and not cognizant of the truth about black inner city or black poor people. Even while driving through the Rural portions of the deep south Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia I was always amazed at how well groomed the women were. For me personally, a college educated woman, I hold a degree in Political Science, and have extensive programming skills as well as I am COMPTIA INET+ certified with practically a perfect score. I wish that I had the skills that the women I have referred to have, unfortunately I do not but I wish I did, but my daughter will go to school knowing to put grease on her hair, not white rain hair spray.


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