What’s Going On?

In Uncategorized on September 30, 2005 at 2:05 pm

There have been disturbing racist comments coming from the members of the Republican party that frankly many have tried to ignore but they keep making them. The first person to open up the can of worms was Mrs. Bush who when referring to the flood victims made the comment she did not want those type of people coming to Texas. My point of view when she said this was, well she’s just an old woman. Well last week a republican legislature from Alabama stated that the floods in New Orleans and Mississippi were Gods punishment. Finally the former Secretary of Education under Reagan has stated that if every black baby were aborted crime would be reduced. All of this could still be ignored but to those who know about the history of the Bush’s, beyond Mother Bush’s obvious racism, are the ties that the Bush family had with the Nazis during WWII. As I listen to all of these individuals stand up for their racist beliefs I am very afraid as an African American, not just for myself but for my children also. I think there is some sort of right wing conspiracy going on with the emphasis on judicial activism and legislative law making. I am thinking we are headed straight back to Plessy versus Ferguson and a worst case scenario are concentration camps. I might be just a teensy bit hysterical here but I don’t think so.


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