Hip Hop means!?

In Uncategorized on September 20, 2005 at 1:20 pm

You know there are a few who question the listening to Hip Hop and Hip Hop artists and whether it’d very existence is bad for society.  There are huge questions on whether the lyrics cause the exploitation of women and a whole host of ills.  The response from the Hip Hop community is that their music reflects reality and all that they do is sing and write about reality.  
     As for these two above schools of thought, the one thing  I can claim to be is an impartial participant in the process.  I know listen to Hip Hop but am a late bloomer to it,  through my early years I listened to Jazz all kinds from classical to smooth to Modern and I loved it but as I  lived my life and grew older and had various relationships I soon learned that if I had listened to Hip Hop and their lyrics a lot earlier I could have avoided a lot of bad things that happened to me, because for me Hip Hop did not imitate the way I thought, but it allowed me to know how others who I came in contact with actually thought and behaved.

The major dichotomy form me was and is that many of the people that I came and come in contact with were and are not hip hop listeners and while showing to the world a veneer of sophistication and compassion and love.  The bottom line is that in their hearts some of these people were and are hard core thugs that sometimes hip hop could and can  not describe.  So what Hip Hop became and has become for me is a cheat sheet for what people are really about, the may pretend that they are not but they are.  I suppose Bill Cosby and  his family the Huxtables would be an example, so many people pretend to be the Huxtables but their hearts and their actions are hard core hip hop and Mr Bill is a personal example of that.  Finally Hip Hop to me is the veneer taken off.  It is the real thing.   “For Real”  

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