Now that’s Truly Ludacris

In Uncategorized on September 15, 2005 at 8:34 am

I’m sitting here listening to Ludacris on the Hip Hop channel on yahoo launchcast.  Luda is sitting here talking about traveling the world with caviar and champagne.  Boy I suppose he was too broke to put up the Hurricane victims in decent housing.  A whole apartment building with free rent for three months, boy I’m sure his boy is thinking that after three months he’s going to make a return from paying residents, I think they are trying to profit. That’s interesting but there are some people you could not pay to live there. Honestly there are places close to Buckhead that will give anyone free rent for a month and might be persuaded to give Hurricane victims free rent for three.  Now that is one extremely positive thing that I can say about Atlanta it’s not about bad housing for anyone. If that building that Luda found is vacant it’s because nobody would live there.  Luda you could do better.  Maybe you should have just given the RED Cross a cool million like the rest of them.    

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  2. Bleh, any rapper that spends most of his time bragging (isn’t that most of them?) is an idiot.

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