Things that make you hmmm

In Uncategorized on September 13, 2005 at 4:35 pm

You know I just saw a link to an article that said Jesse Jackson is leading a march in Atlanta for the the continuation of the voting right acts for blacks.  It made me smile for it was on the same page that said the City of Atlanta is holding back on a controversial plan to evict all public houing residents who were not in school or working which I  can not argue the merits of the proposal.  Unfortunately the fact is that once Shirley finishes her Nigger Clearance policy there may not be another black mayor of Atlanta to follow in her wake.  I suppose her legacy will be eradicating the black out of Atlanta.  Which begs the question why vote if the people you vote for are not representing your interests?  I suppose Shirley mayor of Atlanta’s attitude towards the poor is why some black city in Southern California now or formerly had a while mayor I believe it was Compton California. I am not absolutely sure.  This is a sad but unfortunate fact that many poor blacks would rather see any white person coming to help them rather then a more privileged blacks.  They have a deep distrust of their motives and their concern for struggling blacks.  This is also why many colleges are looking for people certified as poor and underprivileged because they are aware that the same people following Jesse Jackson in the streets for equal voting rights and jobs are the same people who don’t believe in trickle down economics as it applies to the poor and underprivileged.  They are working the system for their own greed and gain.  My case with Webgrrls and Marjorie Singley Hall is a perfect case in point on how these people operate. They hoop and holler for equal rights and try to cut off someone off of their own race who wants equal rights, how unfortunate.

Finally, while in college I had a side hobby of reading books on the holocaust, why it happened how it happened etc.   This was started while looking through an antiapartheid publication I came upon a saying or quote concerning the holocaust.  It built upon what several have written on and that was that the tragedy of the holocaust was that many affluent Jewish individuals who were actually producing for the economy of Germany thought they were immune to being sent to concentration camps and they justifiably should have thought that for they were producing scientist such as Einstein in their upper echelons, who would be crazy enough to exterminate Einstein?  Why Hitler my dear if he could have found him and gotten to him.  How this applies to blacks is this they can spread anti poor and anti black platitudes but the bottom line is this they are only hurting themselves and if they continue to do it, it most definitely will backfire and those actions being advocated towards poor blacks will boomerang straight back to them.


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