Mariah Carey

In Uncategorized on September 10, 2005 at 12:31 pm

As I sit here listening to the radio, I am marveling at the changes in Mariah Carey’s style. In previous albums which were hits I would sit there and think what a lovely voice Mariah had, but it lacked feeling and emotion. I honestly could not get into her music until now. I was so impressed I kept asking myself who produced this album. As I did my research I found out that the producer is Jermaine Dupri. I remember as an undergraduate over several years ago, a friend I had would only talk about two people Shaquille Oneil and Jermaine Dupri, with Elton John splattered through the conversation. I can remember wondering if those were the only people she could talk about. Well I know Shaquilles accomplishments and Elton, but I’m a little late with Jermaine Dupri. Mariah’s album is awesome. Now that I think about it I am familiar with Jermaines Dupri’s having produced Janet Jackson and I think that’s her boyfriend so it’s coming to me know. However Janet changed a little but Mariah has changed totally for the best and it shows in the ratings, Is it two hits at number one and two. Awesome!!

  1. u know, her first album was great – full of power and range. then she slipped into this little girl thing and i really couldn’t get into her at all. i also think her latest is much much better – closer to where she began.

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