R. Kelly on video — awards show, that is – The Boston Globe

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R. Kelly on video — awards show, that is – The Boston Globe
The Chicgao case has yet to be heard according to this article. Personally I hope the book is thrown at him. We have often heard the stories that he had to hastily marry Aaliyah to avoid charges by her father of exploting a minor. What I have heard far lessand what I personally believe is that she was murdered by R. Kelley so she a person who had nothing to gain could not testify against him We shall never know, but what we do know is that He does have sex with minors. He is a great artist, I just love his music, however his actions are putting our children at risks from his other admirers. It is not okay to rape a nine year old or a thirteen year old. Our society has determined that girl/women at this age are not psychologically ready for sexual intercourse with adult men and most especially they are not psychologically ready to be urinated on by a famouss male figure who probably willnot repay them with making them a famous star. He has a Chicago trial coming up. Though I scoured the internet concerning this upcoming court date that has not been set, the most I could fins was the following article about his upcoming appearance at an MTV awards ceromony which sends a bad message. I have never understood why white society treats black men like animals and expects them to do the wrong thing and literally condones it. I personally hold black men to much higher standards. Black men are suppossed to respect young women and girls. It is not OK for a thirty-five year old man to have with a twelve or thirtten year. Below is the whisper that the trial with R. Kelley has not even been given a court date.

R. Kelly on video — awards show, that is
August 24, 2005
The MTV Video Music Awards have been defined by stirring performances, shocking surprises, and sexual shenanigans. Now the network has booked an act that might provide all three elements in one performance: R. Kelly. The chart-topping R&B singer was named yesterday as one of the performers at Sunday’s awards show in Miami. Kelly, whose latest album, ”TP.3 Reloaded,” has sold more than 1 million copies, created buzz this summer with his five-part song, ”Trapped in the Closet,” a mini soap opera about infidelity. The 38-year-old singer, known for his sexually charged material, also faces multiple child pornography charges in his native Chicago stemming from a three-year-old case that allegedly involves a teenage girl. The case, which has yet to go to trial, hasn’t hurt Kelly’s recording career: In the interim, he has released four albums that have sold more than 1 million copies each and charted several hits.

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