A City and State too Busy to Hate

In Uncategorized on September 5, 2005 at 1:18 am

While the attitudes of the leaders of the city of Atlanta may change, Hurricane Katrina showed to me that the attitudes of the people of Atlanta and Georgia have not.  The residents of Atlanta and the surrounding areas are still committed to the slogan Atlanta is too busy to hate.  Georgia has opened their arms tremendously to the individuals displaced by Hurricane Katrina.  While as far as I know the city of Atlanta has not made a public statement saying send buses full of individuals our way.  The city and the state have prepared for them anyway as well as sent the basic needs where they  were needed.  Finally all of the network TV stations had telethons to raise money for the Hurricane survivors, the last time I heard at least nine million dollars and counting had been donated to the Red Cross.  The state of Georgia has kept the labor department open over the weekend and over the holidays to process claims and assist individuals in looking for employment.  Atlanta and the state of Georgia are truly too busy to hate and can and will absorb all of their new residents or visitors.  


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