During the Atlanta Olympics a dignitaries wife was arrested for jwalking

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During the olympics, there was a wife of a dignitary who was accussed of j walking. Why was it that she ended up in a knock down drag out fight with the police and ended up being carted out to jail. Honestly it seems to me with the Nichols incident it seems to me that Altanta couild find something better to do than pass ordinances against honmeless people. Finally they might want to consider moving the courthouse which is three blocks from the tourist district they are trying to protect. Can’t imagine what might happen if their is a massive court room break or being the jail is only six blocks from the ditrict they are trying to protect can’t imagine what may happen if there is a massive jail break or the wrong person is let out of jail accidentally, which has been done over and over again. I wonder if tourists are aware that the jail house is so close to the tourist district. The greyhoud station has been moved to be near the jail but it’s still there. I wonder if that’s a warning come to Atlanta in a greyhound and you’re going to get harassed. Anyway……………….

This questioning of the homeless is going to get very interesting becuase honestly how can you look at soomeone and tell that they are homeless. Let me share something with you. I was at a local spot several months ago and I saw a group of men in baggie jeans and sweats they had long hair and it appeared to be windblown. I honestly was afraid of them. I told my companion and I was told not to be afraid, but I was. However when I walked by them it turned out they were french and were speaking in their native language. Go figure now sic the police on them. Who you be?> where you from? You plan on asking someone for a quarter? Let’s redirect you to a homeless facility. Frontpage – French Diploamt arrested for having long hair and wearing jeans. Ha hA ha ha In atlanta it can happen.

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