As the week ends I refelct upon the highlights and the low lights

In Uncategorized on August 13, 2005 at 9:32 pm

First of all, I think my first post this week regarded my daughter being dropped by her Godmother. I would like to add that both of my children have Godparents unfortunately my daughter ended up with a really bad one. While surprised that someone could just say drop my daughter as a God Parent I am not overly surprised since this person has been married three times and has no children probably becuase she does believe in abortion. As for her marriges when I asked her to be Godmother to my child. I was not aware that she had been married three times. It is so strange I would always mention the one time I got to see her but never actually met her was when she got married and I had thought at the time she looked wonderful and enchanting, so as a little girl of nine I had always held that vision in my mind. I would talk to her about it and say oh yeah I attended your wedding which I knew was her second marraige and we would talk about it and I assumed it was the same husband. Then one day she said I am preparing for my anniversary I’ve been married such a such years I don’t remeber the number andI thought now I could not have been at this ladys wedding becuase in order to have been at this wedding I would ahve had to be closer to fifteen. Finally I had to put the pieces together that she had been married three times and I asked her sister has she been married three times and she said yes. Oh! Poor My daughter, I thought anyway its a non-issue now. And no she did have the money to help my daughter, in the past she has frequently asked me if I needed anything bulk from Sams that I needed her to pick up, and of course I said no, becuase I only ask anyone for anything if there is a legitimate need and there was never a legitimate need for me to have anything from Sams.

Secondly my son has a Godmother who when he was born showered him with gifts and presents unfortunately I asked her to stop becuase I felt like she was giving him too many gifts. If you ever read this, [which this blog was supposed to be semi-private,but I broke ranks with that with the webgrrls issue.]I would just like to say thank you for being so kind to my son and I will always appreciate your kindness. As for my daughters former godmother if you ever do read this I think you are the scum of the earth and I even think the only reason you go to church and used to go to day bible study on Wednesday was to sell Mary Kay. Thank you very much for taking my daughter to that day bible study and announcing to everyone that she was your Goddaughter. I hope you tell them that you dropped her as your Goddaughter. Anyway I know I was suppossed to list a highlight of the week but I will do it in a seperate post. I have no need to mention the major low light the webgrrls incident.


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