As I dealt with MSH (see email below)I could not help thinking that one of my premises concerning Nichols was true

In Uncategorized on August 13, 2005 at 4:58 pm

As I dealt with MSH an older lady who claims to be powerful I could not help but think back to Nichols who began with a so called power house of a woman but ended up with an LPN he would have to take care of. Though the woman he was with had give him cars, a townhome, a job etc. It was not enough to hold him. I think essentially what was missing in her was a compassion and love for the world. I think what was in her was what was in men a ruthless determination to conquer at all costs even after the relationship was over. After dealing with MSH I am beginning to question the original victoms story in the Nichols case. Words of enemies and carbon copies to the head of an organization for every communiation that was held for no reason at all make me questionable of whether some of these women are capable of mentally pulling their pants off.

Honestly after dealing with MSH I believe that someone in the Nichols case made a direct call to the mayor, chief of police, or DA and had special charges attached to the Nichols case. Looking at MSH and how she attacks from the top leads me to believe that 145 years for a 45 minute rape was conjured up for Nichols. Unfortunately this conjuring up ended in a tragedy.

Finallu as for Nichols I still stand by my original premise that nichols and the white woman who was his suppossed angel knew each other, I also believe that the woman of rape knew about it. She worked for equifax she was proably preety familiar about how to perform an in depth investigation and surveillance. That’s all I have to say.


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