It always amazes me when people accuse me of being rude

In Uncategorized on August 12, 2005 at 7:48 am

Today I have received a notice that I have been terminated as webgrrls chapter leader. I think but I may be wrong that it is because of a two particular women who contacted me regarding webgrrls as king essentially who the hell are you? That they had been holding down the helm for webgrrls unfortunately they obviously had not been hold ing down the website that was linked to a message board for passion parties that I honestly had to write the company hosting the board becuase after I took it doen the passion board had migrated to a first page hit on the site. I am very disappointed and upset to learn about this but it’s ok. Also unfortunately at the time I spoke to Kevin Kennedy he was not aware of these individuals. I will post their messages, furthermore there were two individuals but one who was only nasty to me and I will post her messages. She sent them to me so they belong to me. This was not a paid position so.

Despite all warnings to the contrary and I will post the warnings I decide to take on this challenge. Unfortunately through my excellent web design of the site . It went from a postion that nobody wanted to something that people were fighting over. I am a basic human being. I have no accolades behind me so I suppose in Atlanta where affiliations are important the descision was made to terminate me for more cash rich and more highly connected individuals. I will post this information in seperate emails.

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