I am afraid of African Americans in Power

In Uncategorized on August 12, 2005 at 5:19 pm

I am afraid of black persons with power. For it has been used against me, when I was a young college studnet and was suspended from my university for something I said. My response was to tell the local newspaper about it and it was eventually published in the Washington Post under Black college suspends student for something she said.

I hate to say this but blacks in America use power like Africans in Africa. We could be living in Rwanda, or some other African country where blacks use their power to destroy others for their comments or actions that they do not like. I support freedom and democracy for everyone however I honestly don’t think that certain blacks fall behind this program. Maybe it’s all Americans who don’t fall behind this and I have only dealt with blacks, but as I live in the metro area which is populated and partly controlled by blacks and it is like living in a thrid world country for me.

As for black professionals I have to say I honestly exclude teachers from being in the hitman mode of black professionals are as dubois statet the talented tenth. They were the ones who taught me to believe in democracy. They were the ones who taught me that the world was idealistic and good, and it is in some places but not in the places I’ve frequented. I am hopelesly, helplessly afraid of blacks in power.

I suppose if whites would hold blacks to the same testing standards, I was I thought, a national merit scholarship finalist, but ended up being a national acheivement scholar which for the first means I have the highest scores in the Uniteds States and the second means I have the highest scores in Black America, “as everyone knows I am a bad record keeper” anyway if whites would not make exceptions for blacks in terms of requirements but would encourage qualified blacks to be leaders this abuse of power problem may not exist in the society that we live in. For I know one Harvard grad who has told me that he just wishes he could run away he just does not understand the social and political methods of fellow blacks and neither do I.

As for affirmative action I have never been extended the favor. It must be a private club that I have not been invited to. I have always had to work hard for anything I’ve acheived, if i’ve achieved anything, and then been accused of being an affirmtive action candidate which i and many of my generation never had extended to us.

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