Did I do something wrong?

In Uncategorized on August 4, 2005 at 4:38 pm

Several years ago I participated in a vaccine drive initiated by the Carter center. Now the word has been out for several years linking mercury and thimerisol in the MMR and DTAP vaccines with the shots possibly leading to autism. However, an older lady I know said that she had been aware of the effects of mercury and thirmerisol in vaccines since the fifties.

Yes I remember that day, we went from door to door in supposedly challenged neighborhoods where the houses were brick and rather large, the lawns were cut and flowers planted and there were decent cars in the yard but evidently the areas were labeled blighted by someone and the people needed to be told to give their children shots. Ten years later so strange!!!!

Fate of the neighborhoods ten years later: White people have moved into the neighborhoods and are literally terrorizing their black neighbors. They have built their own little neighborhoods and do not want blacks frequenting their establishments. It is all rather strange in a city too busy to hate. No doubt the same people who supposedly volunteered years ago for the shot drive are the same ones seeking to rush these “poor ignorant blacks” out of their homes, in the real world I suppose the only way they are truly ignorant is to listen to someone knocking on their door supposedly coming in peace who’s seeing gold in their brick homes and large lawns.

I suppose that “too busy to hate in the south” is being replaced by Home Depot and Bernie Markus who states that his wife is afraid to walk down the streets of downtown Atlanta because of pan handlers. I suppose that could be true but for a man that actively funds the Israeli Army and their quest to move the Palestinians out and away from their homes I seriously question his words, and his motives. I believe he states in order for the aquarium that he is funding to be successful, there must be a ban on pan handling. I really don’t believe that pan handling is the issue, I believe that the huge number of blacks who frequent the area are the problem and I honestly fear for their safety and their freedom as Atlanta continues into it’s land grab mode.

As for shots and autism, by any means necessary: in what I know will go down in history as one of the greatest land grabs ever Intown Atlanta is trying to or has gone from largely black to largely white. Bad shots creating individuals who are not totally cognizant of what is around them can, and will create individuals who are not capable of maintaining property that has been in families for generations.

I am a conspiracy theorist person, take everything I write with a grain but please consider it.

As for political affiliation, we know what republicans want money, we know that they are totally shameless in their pursuit of it, they are a known entity. However what irritates me more than anything are these individuals who come in peace and love and then work towards the demise of those they are supposedly trying to help. This is shameless and the last election many of these individuals did not get my vote. They are mad because they can’t be republican and rich and pretend to be socially responsible until they are presented with an opportunity to grab something from somebody or something.

I think to summarize this post, I am reminded of a scene in Hotel Rwanda where the main character is riding over bumps on a road and the bumps are so hard he thinks that he has literally run off the road. He gets out of the car and realizes that the so called bumps are hundreds of dead bodies strewn in the middle of the road. At this point the camera moves over to a spot somewhere behind the main character, the spot is of a literal Shangri La, a beautiful lovely waterfall that is not a tall fearful one, but a gentle one that you might want to run through is shown along with beautiful green luscious land. What does the camera say? It says could people hungry for this land have supported this extermination? Is this why over a million people were exterminated in Rwanda without help from the idealistic UN.

Anyway I’m gone


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