Flipped and Flopped at the White House

In Uncategorized on July 29, 2005 at 5:37 pm

I was very disappointed to learn of the national reaction to pretty girls in sundresses wearing flip flops to the white house. Personally I thought they looked appropriate for a hot summer day and would have never paid attention to their shoes. I think one should give credit to the fact that the total package was appropriate. I think the flip fap over the flip flops indicated to me that its time for a lot of individuals to retire or in the least reflect on the generational legacies they have left. I think flipping over wholesome, most likely honors student in flip flops is quite hypocritical . If some of you disagree with me lets take a short generational time line stereotype check, starting with the sixties and ending with the nineties.

The Sixties

Though you may have worn pumps to the white house if invited, it is most likely that your state of mind while there may have been frankly stoned and drugged out and the feeling in your heart may have been anti-american. Boy your’re so radical. Still radical and the loudest mouths on the planet. Frankly for those of you about to enter old age homes please do not overthrow the administrations of your caretaking homes.

The Seventies

Though you may have worn stilettos to the white house, before you got there one would have had to wonder, how many sexual partners did you have last night? How may races of individuals did you sleep with last night? Was it a man, a woman, or a transsexual? Drugs-maybe so, maybe not?

The Eighties

Now we all know you all would have been suited up and pumped up on your visit to the white house the only problem is you’ve managed to sneak into the first ladies bedroom and steal the first ladies diamonds. You Savings and Loans people definitely know how to dress but those of you who were not inovlved in the S&L scandal went on to Enron. Boy, you have nice shoes though.

The Nineties

The X generation, the lost generation. The latchkey kids. The limbo folks. You are the product of the above generations. Can you even spell white house? (that’s me). As for what I would have worn to the white house the only thing I can tell you is it would have been black. My shoes at the time were black leather pumps and black boots, no I did not wear flip flops “at all” but I even wore heels to the beach or nothing at all. I do wear flip flops now though.

As for the nineties, My creativity was out the door. I felt like so many people were pulling at me and trying to hammer me into what they wanted me to be. I was bombarded with so much negativity. AIDS, [though that began in the mid to late eighties. We were the first group to grow up with the imapact of it] heroin babies, drive by shootings, etc. If invited to the white house I know we would have not even had the option of deciding what to wear we would have been told what to wear and would have done it straight down to the shoes or honestly they would not have let us on the bus. As for our character despite this I know you would not have found diamonds in our bras, I would like to think the majority of us know who we slept with last night, and the druggies I meet are leftovers from the eighties. I think those anti-drug messages could have worked, though it’s beginning to look a lot like they need to be played again.

As for flip flops at the white house I suppose those girls are the children or almost the children of older x generatin individuals, so part of me is a parent, and part of me is part of them, and I personally believe that this was much ado about nothing. Considering Monica of my generation wore pumps, I’m sure, and was in the white house everyday with Billy Bob initiating presidential acts on his desk!!!!! πŸ™‚ Ha Ha!!!!

Anyway Since this is my generation: here are people falling into it:

Go0dbye–told you I could not spell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spell check not performed!!!!!!!!!!!!


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