I’m Back

In Uncategorized on July 27, 2005 at 8:33 am

After a long hiatus from blogging, I’m going to attempt to pick up this blog again. Hopefully I will not be the only one reading it. Note: Something was wrong with the template that I chose from blogger. I’ve chosen a new one that works. Someone tried to indicate that the former layout of this blog indicated I was not a very good web designer/developer. Well I did not design it, it was a template. So kiss it!!!!! {Some people will move heaven and earth to bring you down, that’s why my advice is, if someone is criticizing you too hard for no reason, shut them out!!!! This person is probably sending folks to this site so people can see how out of the box I think! You probably think this blog is about you, don’t you don’t you, well part of it is. Another thing if you manage to visit again and you know who you are understand that I can’t stand you you fake ##% *%$! This is from the perspective of a former MAD magazine reader. }

Now that that is said, I am back to blogging and have a lot to say.

About my marriage: My ex-husbands middle name was not Tony it was Kerwin. Not many people are going to name their children Anthony Tony- TONY TONY!!!! NO! That’s all I’ll ever say of the issue.

After this blog, I’ll try not to make any more public declarations of my issues because I have a lot. I’ll try to create a diary instead.

The new theme of the blog will be political. There is a lot going on around me know in Atlanta that I want to discuss in terms of politics and I will try to start this morning. I suppose I should start out with some sort of plan about what I wish to discuss. I’ll indicate it below!!!

Soon to be blogged on!!!

Scrooge Shirley

The mayor of Atlanta is supporting a proposed ban on pan handling in certain areas of Atlanta, it is not just a proposed ban on pan handling. It’s a get out of town or go to jail ticket for the homeless. Long term residents of Atlanta who have knowledge of Atlanta police practices know that the law will be used against, made up against, and just used in an inappropriate manner.

Example: Arrested for Pan Handling, Sentence: Life in Prison, if you are truly homeless and have no one to wonder where you are, you are lost and might not ever get out of jail!!!!!

Oh Lawd I hope Shirley does not know what I look like she might have me arrested as I get off of Marta for saying this, and I’m not kidding either!!!!!

Lost in Jail

A young college student who had returned to Atlanta from a trip to Africa was evidently seen walking down the street screaming uncontrollably. The police came and took her to jail, where she stayed there for several weeks. How did she get out of jail? Her family was looking for her; she suffered from a bipolar disorder.

Offense – Screaming in the street Sentence – Over three weeks in jail!!!

I suppose black women do not merit, have you seen this woman signs? Atlanta is no longer the city too busy to hate.


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