Can Public Agencies be trusted to maintain the Public Trust Update:Olivia ?

In Uncategorized on April 26, 2005 at 8:44 pm

Hello I rarely get personal in my blogs becuase I feel that getting too personal opens me to criticism and reveals my soul a little too much to the world. However something has happened to me that makes it a little too hard for me to keep my mouth closed.

In order for an application to be completed I needed a copy of my “marraige license”. My copy had come up missing from the house as had the original when my husband and I spilt. It was in the house one day and disappeared the next. Countless times during my short marraige my husband told me that he was goin to annul our marraige, which to me annulment was not possible since we did conceive a child.

Well anyway we seperated and never divorced, as of now I am suppossed to be still married, but events have led me to question whether I am married or not. The documents I presented to my local agency and they sent me a copy of have been altered. The middle name for my husband is now “Tony”. His first name is anthony and he oftren asked people to call him “Tony” for short however his middle name was not “Tony”. It was Kerwin. His Birthday has been changed from 1962 to 1958. His signature has been changed from rounded to slanted, and his mothers middle name which is lee and was stated on the marriage lic. has now been changed to an L. from a Lee. In the past I have looked at the lic. in wonderment and thought I named my daughter LIA and had not given the Lee in her grandmothers name a thought when I named her. These are the alteration I had noticed.

Finally my next question became if a local agency had these changes, did I still have a valid marraige? I seriously question it for the alterer had gone to the trouble of altering the signature. But I don’t know.

NOw some would question my my questioning this Anthony Kerwins character and my married name is or was walker. However this is what this man often stated to me after we were married. He worked at Wells Fargo Bank in the 80’s and would steal social security checks before they were sent out, and the people just would not get their checks. Now a man capapble of stealing federal checks is a man capable of altering a marraige license.

Anyway stay tuned I’ll be ordering a copy of my confidential marriege lic. from the San Francisco County Clerk soon and I will keep you up to date on the details. “A Real Bonafide Copy”

#not checked for grammar or spelling# sorry!


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