California and non-credible witnesses

In Uncategorized on April 14, 2005 at 7:26 am

I have no clue what’s going on in California. I am sitting and watching the Michael Jackson case and for the life of me I can’t figure out why California can not prosecute people without using witnesses with a shady past. O.J. Simpson and the racist cop come vividly to mind.

I have tried not to comment regarding the Jackson case, but after hearing about the theatrics of the accusers mother on the stand yesterday, compounded with the fact that she has been accused of welfare fraud, and in the past has tried to sue anything and anybody in her path. I find the decision to prosecute this case questionable.

As for Michael Jackson, for the life of me I just don’t know why he continues to expose himself to these individuals who are looking for an easy mark. Michael Jackson is just plain weird. He is a weirdo. I just don’t understand why Michael can’t just stay away from other peoples children and make a donation to different groups that help children. I understand compassion, I understand love and I understand the young man has cancer, but I can’t understand why those around Michael could not have done a simple background check on the family of the accuser prior to Jackson having any dealing with the accuser. If I were famous, that would be a standard practice for employees, people who requested to visit me, and all other people I did not know, would be to perform a simple background check, and understand that people who defraud the government, sue incessantly etc., are people that I just don’t need to be around.

Finally is Michael a molester? I don’t know but there are plenty of places in the world where it is not against the law for him to have sex with a thirteen year old boy. What I would like to know is, is their any evidence of Michael visiting these places, and how often, does he go there once a month? What can a PI find out about his international history? Can you show records? Find people, bell hops, sex workers that know anything about Michael and a history of doing the things he’s accused of doing? Can you provide credible witnesses?

Michael is an icon and it’s hard for me to let him go that easily. It is also hard for me to discount any allegations of molestation by anybody, but witnesses that have shown every opportunity to take money from companies, the government, and any place else where money is offered are individuals that are not too credible to me.

Finally I am not attacking the poor. The concept that a rich man can go and take advantage of anybody and get away with it is highly distasteful. However the witness is not credible.

Flip it, if Micheal Jackson is guilty, maybe he chose these people because their backgrounds were so shady. Just a thought, not one that I am buying into too heavily into because the victims were actively seeking someone famous to be around. Jay Leno called the police on them because they kept calling him, the mother wanted her sons to call Kobe Bryant Daddy. Michael was just an accident waiting to happen.


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