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The right of Kings. I suppose that’s why we fought the American Revolution so we would not have to be a part of the PUKA.

Newspapers are quoting that Camilla walked up to charles and said you know my grandmother had an affair with your grandfather or something like that. Wow could Camilla be the cousin of Charles? DNA tests might tell the story.

Finally Camilla said something to the effect I’ll give you a ride you’ll never forget, or something like that. anyway she was determined to be queen when she walked up to him and said that.

I wonder if her determination, led her to the murder of Princess Diana.

Trailer Trash rules in Bonnie old England. Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry!

Hats off to the pope for choosing an oppurtune time to die, you loved Princess Diana didn’t you?

I suppose the Pope said over my dead body.

We loved her too.

The media propoganda is at work trying to place an acceptable face on Prince Charles, sorry it will never work.

He should have married her 30 years ago they say, sorry she was ugly as an old cow then and is now, if she would have been a wee bit prettier maybe he would have married her thirty years ago, or maybe used monistat, GET a CLUE FOLKS, The mother of a royal heir is suppossed to be a virgin VIRGIN,

Who drove Diana batty? Why Camilla did she infiltrated her inner circle and spread awful nasty rumours that got back to the princess. I suppose this is one mistress, ho, harlot, prostitute, lady of the evening that could not keep her mouth shut.

CONGRATULATIONS Merry old ENGLAND Prostitutes can be QUEEN!!!!!!! According to Camilla she’s a hereditary prostitute. PUKA


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