Sex Speeds Up Evolution Study Finds

In Uncategorized on April 3, 2005 at 10:00 pm

In a study of yeast cells that could reproduce without a mate (self reproduction) and yeast cells that produced with a mate, scientists found that yeast cells produced with a mate during times of stress were stronger, healthier, and more numerous. The scientists stated that this study was done to investigate the effects of sex on evolution.

Last night as I was thinking of this I thought no, that can’t be right because the world is largely ruled by europeans who genetically have had a more difficult time reproducing themselves then others in the population as well as historically having less oppurtunities for sex due to harsh conditions beyond their control, which did not allow for sexual reproduction. They still however, manage to control the majority of the world’s wealth. True enough evolution has made it possible for brown people to survive and evolve and exist but at what level.

Still so, those individuals stuck with harsher conditions and less oppurtunities to procreate becuase they were products of an ice age would mean that they were less likely to have sex and reproduce, but more likely to think about means of survival . They have overwhelmingly proven that though they may not be evolving as quickly in the physical realm, slow growth has caused them to cultivate other means of wielding control over the world’s populations. In other words growth through sexual activity may result in an increased and diverse population but it does not determine who will hold power and control a population. So yes sexual reproduction may lead to orgasms more evolved physcially but how about in other ways.

Finally, all of the conditions were constant except the act of sex between two different yeast cells, so does that mean that organisms in the same enviornments that sexually reproduce are stronger emotionally and genetically then organisms that do not. According to this study apparently so.


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