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The New York Times > Technology > Google Doubling Storage on Free E-Mail Service

Google Doubling Storage on Free E-Mail Service


Published: April 2, 2005

y Bloomberg News

Google Inc., the Internet search engine company, is doubling the amount of storage offered on its e-mail service and plans to remove limits on message capacity as it competes for users with Yahoo Inc.

Users of Google’s service will be able to store two gigabytes of e-mail messages, double the storage previously offered, the director of the company’s e-mail group, Georges Harik, said. One gigabyte, or 1,024 megabytes, is roughly equivalent to the content in 32 feet of shelves filled with books.


Google will continue to increase e-mail storage in the next few weeks. It introduced its service, Gmail, a year ago and it has become the fourth-most-visited e-mail service on the Web. Gmail allows users to search through messages using keywords and links advertisements to the contents of e-mail messages.

Yahoo said last week that it would quadruple the amount of e-mail storage it offers, to one gigabyte.

“It gives Google yet another one-up over the competitors,” said Danny Sullivan, the editor of, a JupiterMedia Corporation Web site that tracks the industry. “The more you’ve got stored on Google, the less likely you are to go anywhere else.”

Yahoo’s e-mail service was the Web’s most popular in February, with 40.5 million visitors, according to New York-based NetRatings, which tracks Web use. America Online e-mail was second, with 34.6 million, and MSN from Microsoft was third, with 28.4 million.

“We want to move away from a fixed amount of storage,” Mr. Harik said. “People have been asking us what happens when we reach the one gigabyte limit.”

Karen Mahon, a Yahoo spokeswoman, said, “For many e-mail users, anything beyond one gigabyte is just a number.”


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