Harris – Driving While Black Excerpt regarding Johnnie Cochran

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Harris – Driving While Black

In his pre-Simpson days, Cochran worked hand-in-hand with police officers as an Assistant District Attorney in Los Angeles, putting criminals behind bars. Cochran was driving down Sunset Boulevard one Saturday afternoon with his two youngest children in the back seat when a police car stopped him. Looking in his rearview mirror, Cochran got a frightening shock: “the police were out of their car with their guns out.” The officers said that they thought Cochran was driving a stolen car, and with no legal basis they began to search it. But instead of finding evidence, they found Cochran’s official badge, identifying him as an Assistant District Attorney. “When they saw my badge, they ran for cover,” Cochran said.

The incident unnerved Cochran, but it terrified his young children. “[The officers] had their guns out and my kids were in that car crying. My daughter said, ‘Daddy, I thought you were with the police.’ I had to explain to her why this happened.”


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