Brian Nichols – 155 years in jail for an alleged 45 minute rape

In Atlanta, Brian Nichols, Crime, Race, Race and Class on March 27, 2005 at 8:16 pm

I recently received an email from someone I had referred to my blog. They admonished me for writing about Nichols in any positive way. This is what they said. He kidnapped her and raped her for three days.

Actually according to her “read below” he had the key to her house, opened the door and walked in and made her rub baby oil all over him and other stuf and then raped her for 45 minutes and left.

Furthermore she admits that when she was sick, he took care of her. Had never been mean to her significantly and she never put out a restraining order against him.

They both admit that he had gotten another girl pregnant. They both admit that their relationship was breaking up or under strain.

He claims that he told her that he was moving in with the other woman.

What would make you want to see a man you had dinner with, took vacations with, founded a church with, see him in jail for two life sentences plus fifty-five years which may have come up to 155 years.

A woman scorned. There is no wrath like a woman scorned. read the AJC article below


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