Ashley in Atlanta Please, Come on

In Uncategorized on March 26, 2005 at 9:35 am

The Brian Nichols tragedy was a tragedy on many fronts. The only one it netted anything for was Ashley Smith.

There are some things about Ashley reading religious material all night long to Nichols that just don’t make sense. First of all if someone anyone came to your house and forced you into your apartment and threatened to kill you, if you had the opportunity to get away would you go back into the apartment with them?

Meaning if a killer said follow me in your car while I dump the truck and you followed him plus had a cell phone in your car, would you follow him or take your chances getting away. I personally would not go back into that apartment with a person blasted on the news as a murderer. I am from metro Atlanta and every creak I heard I thought it was Nichols breaking into my house. I thought if this man drops into my neighborhood and I find him I’m going to be dead.

Well Hippy if you don’t believe Ashley’s story what do you believe? Ok Let me run a wild theory by you.

I think Ashley met Nichols in jail through some sort of ICQ chat board. I think she kept the relationship a secret from everyone, not because she thought he was going to be a courthouse murderer but because he was black and in jail and her family already thought she was a little shaky and this would have just taken the cake if they knew that her new proposed lover was an accused rapist. So I think she kept the relationship a secret and moved to Atlanta specifically to be with Nichols because he and she thought that he was going to be found not guilty.

I think the codes to the gate to the apartment complex that were found in his jail cell were the codes that she had given him through ICQ, and he just put someone else’s name on those codes to make it look like someone else’s information, because honestly if he had the codes in his head why would he have to write them down, or maybe he was just trying to memorize them from the past or he may have had a friend who actually lived there and he told her where she could find a place in the new city she was moving too and she rented an apartment waiting for him to get out.

Finally when it became apparent to him that he would probably be serving a life sentence, he lost his mind and killed all of those people and drove over to Ashley’s new place where he screwed her all night long, she cooked breakfast, and then left the house to go see her daughter with him thinking she was going to harbor him or maybe he knew she was going toturn him in. She said honestly where are you going to go, it’s not like you’re Bin Laden or anything?

Ashley realized three things that made her turn him in or convince him to turn himself in.

These are the things she realized:

1. If I keep him in here indefinitely he’s going to eventually kill me to stay free. (and he would have)

2.He’s worth $60,000. (or he may have told her turn me in and you will get $60,000) and finally

3. If I keep him and I’m caught I’m going to jail. (or she may have told him, I’m not going to jail for you)

I do not believe that this young woman was a stranger to Nichols, not at all, but if I am wrong I’m sorry.

All I can say is Ashley you need to take acting lessons, and yes you deserved the money because you did turn your lover in, but the scary thing is Did he break out of jail for just one night with you? I want to know. Ashley I’m sure it was worth it on all fronts for you.


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